Can supported living services be offered at home?

Supported living services for some people is a game changer. Having independence can be a crucial aspect of feeling happy and confident, it also allows us to build certain skill-sets such as;

  • Decision making
  • Responsibility
  • Communication
  • Time management
  • Self-advocacy

For most people, having independence is an important set towards adulthood. Many people dream of having their own space and an environment they can call their own home, however, this is not as easily done for those who require additional support. Luckily it is a possibility with supported living.

What are supported living services?

Supported living is when an individual does not want to reside in a residential home, and also unable to cope at home without assistance. The aim of supported living is to provide person-centred care in their own home, whilst still allowing an individual to have their independence and gain many versatile skills.

The accommodation is monitored 24/7 to prevent any risks from occurring.

There are many benefits of supported living, such as the ability to have your own rented property which is tailored to your needs, managing multiple finances, ability to learn a new skill, and lastly to gain employment or start a new qualification.

What does supported living entail?

Supported living services include a wide range of aspects and each plan depends on the individual. This can include;

  • Personal care or Physical assistance
  • Assistance with personal finance
  • Assistance with developing relationships
  • Assistance with activities, hobbies, education or employment
  • Support with household tasks and cooking

Who is eligible?

In order to receive supported living, you must be 18 and require a safe supportive environment. You must also have the means to ensure the rent is paid, or receive housing benefits.

People who can benefit from having supported living;

  • those with a physical disability
  • those with learning disabilities
  • those with a mental health problem
  • those with a neurone disease

What types of accommodation is available for supported living?

Accommodation can include a flat or studio style unit, or alternatively a private bedroom but shared living and kitchen room. Supported living blocks or estates can have more than one person who may share similar needs. The accommodation and care are usually two separate contracts and must be provided by a registered care provider with the CQC.

How is supported living financed?

Supported living can both be self-funded or direct payments can be arranged by the local authority. In order to receive direct payments, you must be assessed by a social worker.

If you believe you or someone you love wishes to live in supported living, your GP is able to make a referral.

Supported Living

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