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Care Assistant & Clinical Support Worker

Health Care Assistant & Clinical Support Worker

Make a positive difference to vulnerable people’s lives

As a Care Worker or Support Worker, you will be offering a level of care and support that the person would expect to receive from a member of their own family. 

The only difference being that you will maintain the highest professional standards at all times.

About the role

The duties you will perform will be specified in the individual’s care package. These responsibilities may involve providing personal services, such as washing and grooming, and domestic services, such as cooking and cleaning, as well as general practical, social and emotional support. Whatever the designated duties involve, you will be responsible for meeting the precise requirements of the individual in your care. Another essential aspect to the job is the way in which it is carried out. Your duties must always be performed in a manner that respects the individual’s personal preferences, their dignity and their desire for independence.

Health Care Assistants and Support Workers need to be:

• Energetic
• Organised
• Caring and sensitive
• Adaptable and accommodating
• Good communicators

Being in the care field is a rewarding career

The tasks performed by Health Care Assistants and Support Workers is very satisfying. As you are dealing with individuals with different personalities and needs, every day is different. And, as they are vulnerable, whether due to age or infirmity, there is a great sense of satisfaction in being able to make a positive impact on their daily lives.

Dealing with regular clients, you will soon become friendly with some lovely people. The work is flexible, with working hours adapted to suit your availability, and you will receive all the necessary training, which will be ongoing as your career progresses.

Job Applications & Prospective Applications

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All applicants will be responsible to meet the cost associated with their DBS checks.

Note: We are currently looking for qualified carers in Kent, Essex & South East. We are only looking for UK residents and can NOT provide sponsorship to overseas applicants.

Job Applications & Prospective Applications

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