Helping loved ones when busy

Being involved in a loved one’s life, whilst still being able to focus on your own..

Monday morning, your pillow is buzzing uncontrollably – contemplating a snooze, you decided it’s safer to get up. Whilst you have your phone in your hand, you might as well have a quick scroll down your emails. Great, 150 emails since 6pm Friday evening. You make your way into the bathroom, ‘I’ll grab a coffee on my way in’ you think to yourself, which is disturbed by your 7 year-old son refusing to go to school. Now you have to reason with him whilst getting ready, you glance at your phone to check the time and two of your colleagues have text they won’t be making it in. You have a sales pitch today, a new lead, a potential promotion, your patience is already running low.

You jump on that train, podcast blasting into your ears through the headphones, oh god, you’ve just remembered you totally forgot to pick up your 80-year old mum’s prescription from the chemist on your way home last night. Hold on, when is her hospital check-up appointment? The letter was on her fridge, you remember talking to her when she showed you her pressure sores as you warmed up her microwave lasagne meals from the local Co-Op – weren’t you supposed to buy some more of them? You’ve only just managed to get her to eat them, you don’t want her to go back to eating scones with black coffee three times a day.

You want to be there for mum, but you spend most of your time at work, or trying to keep the children entertained. It’s getting overwhelming, you don’t have enough time for yourself. Your mind is all over the place, it’s getting hard to focus, you’re getting snappy and impatient – you don’t mean to. Where do you go from here?

What if we told you you’re not alone? What if we told you 1 in 8 people are the primary carer for their loved one? And what if we told you there are trained professionals that could assist, with you still having a hand in your mums care..

You’ve probably heard of care at home (thanks panorama!), but what you probably haven’t heard of is how companies like us work with families and clients to make sure everyone is happy and remains healthy. We worry about those prescriptions and appointments, and we will fetch those lasagne meals from the local co-op so all you don’t have to.

Whether you want to have a few hours a day, or 24-hour care, we can help reduce falls and slips, identify any health risks early, lower risks dehydration or malnutrition, improve socialization and exercise, and meet any hygiene or medication needs.

Don’t let the finance put you off either, there are many financial aids available.

Contact our team on 01634 717 432 (Medway) or 01708 505511 (Dagenham) for a FREE assessment to take the first step towards a happily helping hand.

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