How to care for an elderly family member

Caring for an elderly family member can be tough. It can be hard to see someone close to you both physically and mentally deteriorate. Taking on the responsibility to care for your loved one is a strong job, however, it can also be incredibly rewarding.

Here are a few tips to assist you;

Get information

Check reliable sources such as (or any specialist organisations, such as on any conditions your loved one may be suffering from. This can also include gaining information from professionals involved in your loved ones care.


Those who may require your care may take their time to complete a task. They may be repetitive when speaking, and this could cause anger. Patience is key, your loved one might not be in control, it’s important to remember they too might feel frustrated as their mobility may have decreased.


Everyone likes to feel as if they are being heard, and a loved one who might not feel that way can cause them upset. It’s best to go along with what your loved one is saying, and swiftly start a new topic.

Create a routine

Routines can be a healthy way to structure your day, your loved ones day, and ensure you have enough time for yourselves.

Play some music

Music is a very strong element. Research shows it can trigger good memories – I mean who doesn’t like a bit of music to get them in a good mood anyway?!

Don’t stay indoors if your don’t have to.

Fresh air can always do some good for both yourself and your loved one. If you are able to, take your loved one out in the garden, on to a balcony, or even front of the house, the local park, or anywhere which allows them to experience the outdoors. If you require assistance in getting a wheelchair or any walking aids check out

Take out time for yourself

Being there for your loved one and catering to their needs is important, however, that doesn’t mean you can’t take care of yourself too. Lean on a friend, other family members, or a professional for help to keep your mental well-being healthy.

Professionals can include counseling or alternatively a part-time carer. Contact your local authority or GP to discuss funding options. Explore the different areas of care available.

Look at financial assistance.

There are many benefits out there to help, such as carers allowance, attendance allowance. Explore these on

Don’t be scared to give yourself a real break.

It can be exhausting, both mentally and physically. There are a lot of people across the world who are in a similar position, getting help doesn’t mean you have failed or you have given up. We have many different packages, such as live-in care, pop-ins, or sit-in care available. We know there’s not a one size fits all, so we can tailor our plans to your loved ones needs.

Care for Elderly

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