What is Medication Management?​

Medication management is another term used for ‘medicine support’; this can include:

  • Prompting or reminding people to take their medicine
  • Helping people remove medicine from packaging
  • Administering some, or all, of a persons medicine

When do I need to consider assistance with medication?

  • If you or a loved one forgets to take medication that has been prescribed by a medical specialist
  • If a person is at risk taking medication without supervision
  • Assistance is required in storing, transporting, or disposing of medication
Medication Management

What are the benefits?

Having assistance with medication management allows for an individual to remain at home in their comfort, in some cases medication management can be life-saving. (We do also assist with more complex medication needs – please see complex care) .

What are the options?

We can offer many different packages, whether you are interested in 24/7 live in care, or a member of our team to do daily/weekly visits. We are sure to find something that works for you.

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