What is Personal Care?

Personal care is a term used to describe the different areas of hygiene support; it plays an important role for our health and wellbeing. The category includes body washing, oral hygiene, dressing, applying creams, and toileting. Whether you are looking for live-in care or pop in visits, we are sure to have the service that fits your needs.

We can assist with;

  • Bathing/showering
  • Daily dressing
  • Applying creams/ointments (including to prevent any pressure sores)
  • Toileting (including Pad changes, commode, catheter bag changing)
  • Hair and make up
  • Shaving
Personal Care

When to get assistance with Personal Care?​

Personal care is performed daily, however there may come a time performing these duties can become difficult.

A few signs to keep in mind are;

  • Less frequent body washes
  • Decrease in oral hygiene
  • Increased incontinence
  • Staying in the same clothes everyday
  • Decrease in self-grooming such as brushing hair etc

It can be difficult to identify the requirement for support with personal care, however our highly-trained team can provide a free assessment to help identify any needs.

What are the benefits of personal care support?

Personal care is a vital part of keeping well. It allows us to have a better quality of life, decreases the spread of infections, and promotes positive mental health.

Receiving support means we can complete these tasks with assistance and allows us to remain independent in our own homes. All our Care Assistance and Support Workers are trained to carry out any personal care with dignity and respect.

What are the options?​

We can offer many different packages, whether you are interested in 24/7 live in care, or a member of our team to do daily/weekly visits. We are sure to find something that works for you.

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