Cancer Care at Home

Cancer care may become more personal and intimate as the patient’s condition progresses. Rosemont Care brings palliative care at home for cancer patients, allowing them to receive end of life cancer care in a familiar and comfortable setting. The team at Rosemont Care is dedicated to providing the highest quality of personalised care for their patients, offering customised support for each individual’s needs.

Rosemont Care offers experienced medical personnel who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure the best level of comfort during this difficult time. They understand that family members may be struggling with conflicting emotions while caring for a loved one who is facing a terminal illness, so they are available to provide much-needed support services and resources. In addition, their services also include pain management and symptom control along with psychological counseling and spiritual guidance as needed.

The Benefits of Home Care for Cancer Patients

The comfort and ease of home care for cancer patients can make a huge difference in their quality of life. Rosemont Care is an organisation that provides palliative care for cancer patients, allowing them to remain at home while receiving the same level of care they would get at a hospital or other medical facility. The benefits of this type of care include reduced stress on the patient, as well as increased access to family and friends who can provide emotional support during treatment.

Rosemont Care offers multiple services designed to improve the quality of life for individuals with cancer, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, nutritional counseling and other therapies that promote healing. Patients also benefit from in-home nursing care which ensures that any health concerns are addressed quickly and effectively. Some of the cancer types we support are listed below:

  • Palliative care for lung cancer
  • Palliative care for liver cancer
  • Palliative care for pancreatic cancer
  • Palliative care for brain cancer
  • Palliative care for cervical cancer
  • Palliative care for colon cancer
  • Palliative care for terminal cancer
  • Palliative care for throat cancer

Customised Care Plans

When it comes to getting the right cancer care, there is no one size fits all solution. Rosemont Care understands this and offers customised cancer care plans that are tailored to each individual’s specific needs. Whether you or a loved one is living with cancer, Rosemont Care provides compassionate home-based services that meet your unique needs.

Quality Cancer Care at Home in Kent & Essex

Rosemont Care is providing top-quality cancer care to residents in Kent and Essex. With the help of dedicated professionals, they have made it possible for those with cancer to receive professional care without having to leave their homes. This unique service is enabling patients who would otherwise be unable to access medical facilities due to mobility or financial issues, the opportunity to receive essential treatment and support.

Rosemont Care’s team of experienced nurses and healthcare professionals work together with patients and families through every step of the journey; from diagnosis through treatment and recovery. Their personalised care plans are designed specifically for each individual, giving them access to vital treatments.

Cancer Care at Home


Palliative care is an important part of cancer treatment, providing support and relief from the physical, emotional, and spiritual symptoms that come with a cancer diagnosis. It helps to improve the quality of life for patients by managing pain and symptoms of advanced or complex illnesses. Palliative care also focuses on patient and family needs, offering support to help cope with the mental and emotional stress of a cancer diagnosis. It can provide comfort, hope and meaningful experiences during difficult times.

Palliative care for cancer can last as long as the patient needs it. It typically begins when a person is diagnosed with cancer, and continues throughout their treatment and even after they have been cured. The goal of palliative care is to provide physical, emotional, spiritual, and practical support to help alleviate the symptoms of cancer and improve quality of life for both the patient and their family.

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Caring for a cancer patient can be an emotionally challenging yet rewarding experience. It is important to provide them with emotional support, understanding, and access to reliable information. For physical care, it is essential to ensure they are getting adequate nutrition and rest as well as helping them with any medical appointments or treatments. Additionally, providing them with comfort items such as blankets or pillows may help the patient feel more comfortable during their recovery.

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