Our Emergency Care Services

No matter how hard we try, we cannot plan for everything. Sometimes you or your loved one need immediate care after an accident or emergency. This is why we offer emergency care services.

Without much notice, we can have a highly trained and professional carer ready to help you when you return home from the hospital. Once you or your loved one are safely at home, we can work together to create a care plan to aid their recovery. Our emergency care assistants will help make sure they have everything they need while we figure out the details.

After-hospital Care That Aids Recovery

If you or a loved one is either in hospital or about to go into hospital, having post-hospital home care in place ready for when you are discharged will make the world of difference to your recovery and your general wellbeing.

A stay in hospital can be difficult enough without the added anxiety of how you will manage once you return home. Organising post-hospital care with Rosemont Care, however, will give you the peace of mind you need, knowing you will be seamlessly eased from hospital to home, with all the time you need to fully recover.

After spending time in hospital, we all look forward to the comfort of being in our own home again. Depending on how long you were away, you will need help adapting and may need extra treatments to aid your recovery.

With post-hospital home care, one of our experienced carers will be there to help you. They will make sure you are comfortable and can assist you with washing, dressing and preparing your first meal. A carer can also help clean and tidy so that you feel relaxed and at ease.

Helping with Recovery

After an accident or emergency, it is likely that you will need post-hospital care to manage your recovery. You could have been put on a new medication or need to work with physiotherapists to regain your mobility. You will need time to adjust to these changes until they are part of your daily routine.

Anyone’s recovery is better with the right assistance and care. Our post-hospital nursing care will help build up your strength until you are able to look after yourself again.

Encouraging Independence

Following a stay in hospital, it is only natural that your family will be worried about you. Having our post-hospital care for elderly can give them peace of mind that you are safe at home.

We will always encourage you to maintain your independence. Our carers are there to assist you, but we understand there are some things you will want to do for yourself. You are at the centre of your own care and we operate with respect and dignity at the core of everything we do.

Staying Positive

Being in the hospital, especially after emergency treatment, can be a traumatic experience. While we are here to help with your physical needs, our carers are also companions. They are trained to offer emotional support as people can become withdrawn after trauma.

We can encourage you to see family and friends and assist with any activities you want to take part in. We are also a kind and friendly ear, available to talk whenever you are ready or feel like you need support.

Maintaining Health and Wellbeing during convalescence

Recovering after illness or surgery can put a huge strain on the body. Having a caring professional on hand to assist with all your practical and personal needs when you come home from hospital will allow you to properly relax and recuperate.

Rosemont Care’s high standard of convalescent care will make your period of recovery more comfortable and effective, as the risk of complications are reduced when you are well looked after.

Of course, hospital after-care cannot always be planned in advance. Life is unpredictable and sometimes care is needed without warning. That is why Rosemont Care have an emergency live-in care service. However unforeseen your circumstances, we can ensure that a highly trained carer will be with you without delay.

Funding options are available, contact us now to discuss any questions or to find out how we can tailor towards your needsE

Post-Hospital & Emergency Care​


Becoming an emergency care assistant is much like any other care role. You need experience in health and social care and you need to be available at short notice.

Same-day emergency care is in place to care for someone when they would otherwise have to stay in hospital. You can be treated quickly and then will need help at home for a full recovery.

Get in touch with us today for yourself or a loved one, if you need emergency respite care. The sooner you contact us, the quicker we can have someone by your side.

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