Parkinson’s Care at Home

Parkinson’s disease is a degenerative neurological disorder that affects the brain and nervous system. It can be challenging to care for patients with Parkinson’s at home, but Rosemont Care offers specialised long-term care services for Parkinson’s patients. Our team of trained professionals provides specially tailored care plans that focus on maintaining the quality of life and promoting independence.

We set ourselves apart through our comprehensive approach to Parkinson’s care, addressing physical and mental health needs as well as social and emotional concerns. Our highly qualified team offers a variety of services from medical assistance to recreational activities in order to ensure the best possible quality of life for those we serve. We understand that every patient’s experience with Parkinson’s is unique, so our individualised plans are designed to meet the specific needs of each client we serve.

Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s Disease is a degenerative disorder of the central nervous system which affects movement, balance, and coordination. Long-term care for people with Parkinson’s Disease can be daunting for both the patient and their family. Rosemont Care is committed to providing quality home care services tailored to meet the individual needs of those living with Parkinson’s.

The primary symptoms of Parkinson’s include tremors in one or both hands, stiffness, difficulty moving, loss of balance and coordination as well as changes in speech and writing. Other signs may include depression, anxiety and sleep disturbances. In addition to mobility issues, patients may also experience problems with memory and cognition over time.

Benefits of Home Care for Parkinson’s Disease

When it comes to living with Parkinson’s disease, long-term care is an important factor to consider. Rosemont Care provides comprehensive home care for those suffering from the condition, helping them to continue living comfortably and safely in the comfort of their own homes. This type of care has many benefits that can help both individuals and their families.

One of the primary advantages of home care for those with Parkinson’s Disease is that it allows them to remain in familiar surroundings as they age. By remaining at home, individuals can enjoy a level of independence while still receiving personalised attention from qualified caregivers who are attentive to individual needs. Additionally, being surrounded by familiar people and places helps reduce stress levels which can be beneficial when managing this chronic condition. Home care also offers convenience for family members who may not have time or resources available to provide around-the-clock assistance themselves.

Parkinson’s Care in Kent & Essex

Parkinson’s Disease is a degenerative neurological disorder that affects the lives of those affected and their families. Rosemont Care in Kent & Essex provides specialised home care services to people with Parkinson’s, ensuring they can stay in their own homes while getting the expert support they need. Rosemont Care offers a personalised and tailored approach to caring for clients living with Parkinson’s Disease.

Their experienced carers are friendly, compassionate and understanding of the individual needs of each client. They strive to give practical help with everyday tasks such as shopping, laundry or cleaning, as well as providing emotional and psychological support. This helps to create an environment where the person with Parkinson’s is able to stay comfortable in their own home for longer.

Parkinsons Disease Care at Home


Parkinson’s disease is a neurological disorder that can cause severe movement problems and other impairments. It is not known for certain whether Parkinson’s is hereditary, but there are some indications that it may have a genetic component. Studies have indicated that people with a first-degree relative who has Parkinson’s have an increased risk of developing the disorder themselves. However, most cases of Parkinson’s are not inherited, and the causes remain largely unknown.

Parkinson’s disease is a neurological disorder that can cause a variety of symptoms. Common symptoms include tremors, muscle stiffness, slow movement, and difficulty walking. In addition, those with Parkinson’s may experience changes in speech, facial expressions, and posture. Other symptoms may include depression, anxiety, sleep disturbances, balance issues, and memory problems.

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Taking care of someone with Parkinson’s disease requires patience, understanding, and a great deal of support. It is important to recognise the physical and emotional challenges they are going through. Provide companionship and assistance with daily tasks such as eating meals and taking medications. Additionally, encourage them to stay active by finding activities that they enjoy doing such as walking or gardening. Finally, provide access to resources that can help them better manage their condition such as educational classes or therapist visits.

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