What is supported living?

Supported Living is an accommodation with like-minded people and can help those who wish to remain independent but are finding it difficult to cope at home, and do not want to go into residential care. It is designed to help people live happy lives and to fulfil their ambitions.

From emotional support to physical support, there are a range of services that

How does one benefit from supported living?

Assisted living can help be as independent as possible by:

  • Assisting with money management
  • Encouraging confidence by undertaking activities or learning a new skill
  • Assisting to take a step towards volunteering or employment
  • Encouraging to make new friends
Supported Living​ & Assisted Living Care

How can we help?

We can help you feel safe and comfortable whilst having your own home. We take the time to ensure your support team are the right fit for you. We know it’s a big step, so from assisting with tenancy agreements, to a smooth transition on moving day, we are here to help.

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